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Here’s 10 Group Tour Must-Haves To Consider

There are a lot of ways to plan a backpacking trip. There are dozens of group tour options to choose from with even more itinerary options within all those companies. Solo travel is also an option but where to go, what to pay, how to get there? Options are good but too many options makes it hard to cut through the noise.

You ended up here comparing all your hundreds of travel options. So what sets Backpacking Tours apart from the pack? We answer that below.


Customer reviews speak for themselves. A first hand-account goes further than any sales pitch ever could. We use the highly-trusted Facebook Review system. First, because these reviews cannot be deleted or edited by us in any way so you know they are trustworthy. You are also able to see the name of the person leaving the review.

We’ve racked up 350 5-star reviews for Backpacking Through ThailandBackpacking Through Vietnam and Backpacking Through Cambodia in five years of business.

Unique, Off-The-Beaten Path Excursions

Along with a link to our review page, we send out a short survey at the end of each tour to help us improve the tour itself. We never stop improving on the feedback we receive from customers to make it the most exciting, culturally immersive tour possible. Many of our included excursions are Backpacking Tour exclusive experiences built over years of research that are best-suited for backpacker adventures. Plus, sometimes a beach or pool day is a must and we infuse just the right amount of free time for relaxing, exploring, or fine-tuning that holiday tan.

Just take a look at what’s included in our ThailandVietnamCambodia, and Bali tours.

One Country, One Tour

No guessing game or fear of missing out on must-see locations. Where other companies offer a wide - sometimes confusing - array of tours, we put all the best of each country into one, well-researched package. These companies claim to be specialists but dilute their expertise by covering most of the world, offering far too many itinerary options, or squeezing multiple countries into a rushed itinerary where you spend the bulk of your time travelling from one place to the next.

Value For Your Money

“How is the price so low with all that’s included?” We get this question a lot.

All excursions - along with all accommodation, transport, and at least 15+ meals - are included in all of our tours. That includes pickup and drop-off at the airport. We keep the cost of the tour down for you by keeping overhead costs down for us. We are a small but passionate team that is the sole tour operator of our tours, which means no inflated prices from travel agents or middlemen.

Dedicated Tour Coordinator

Have a question, get an answer - fast. When you book with us, you have a dedicated tour coordinator who is there to help from the time you book to the time you head home. No waiting days for a response or not being able to get a hold of an actual human being to answer your questions. We know there is a lot of questions that come up with a trip abroad so we make it our job to be there to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Loyalty Rewards For Life

With our Multi-Tour Discount, the more tours you book, the more you save. This is our way of saying thank you to all you incredible backpackers who keep coming back for more backpacking adventures and to make it just a bit easier (and cheaper) to keep coming back for more. Plus, we like familiar faces around here!

Here’s how it works: You receive increasing discounts on each tour you book with us:

  • Second tour - 10% discount

  • Third tour - 15% discount (Locked in for life on any future tour.)


That’s a nice bit of extra savings to put towards those flights or spending money, eh? These savings never expire and beyond Backpacking Through ThailandBackpacking Through VietnamBackpacking Through Cambodia, and Backpacking Through Bali we plan to open new tours every year - Backpacking Through Philippines and Backpacking Through Laos coming soon.

Sleep In Comfort

The dorm life isn’t for you? We get that. From experience, we know that dorms can be crowded, noisy, smelly, and not the best places for a good night’s sleep. That’s why most nights with us you share your room with just one other group member (separated by gender unless requested otherwise). Our staff visits each location to ensure they are all up to our accommodation standards for cleanliness, security, and general sleepability. We’re proud of the places you’ll stay and make sure to put them on full display over in our Vietnam galleryThailand gallery, Cambodia gallery, and Bali gallery.

Travel In Comfort

Not all transport is the same - especially in SE Asia. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the sad day when you depart, you’ll ride in comfort in our private, air-conditioned vans and buses. No missed buses. No getting overcharged or duped. No headaches. If you’ve never experienced being herded like cattle from one location to the next in crowded, cramped buses you can rest assured you’ll be glad to bypass the madness. You can also rest-assured your belongings are safe as we use the same drivers for each tour. We have a close relationship with them and trust them to keep everything safe and secure.

Top Notch, Local Tour Guides

We believe in diving head-first into the culture of a place. If you’re going to go somewhere, we say put your finger on the pulse of the culture, learn what makes the people tick, and how beautiful it can be to experience the best of an entirely different way of life. For that reason, our tour guides are all fluent English speakers who are native to each country where we run tours. During your free time, they can take you to those out-of-the-way local sights and restaurants that guidebooks don’t know of and many tourists never have the chance to experience.

We’re proud to say we have a team of all-star tour guides. But don’t take our word for it. You’ll quickly notice our tour guides steal the spotlight - deservedly so - in nearly all of our reviews (links above).

Security Comes First

Safeguarding your holiday and personal information is vital to any tourism-related business. Your payment details are passed through our secure server via PayPal using the latest 128-bit SSL (the industry standard for secure online payments). On top of that, we adhere to strict industry standards so you can be sure your adventure holiday is secure and fully protected. In Thailand (where our headquarters are located), we hold a TAT - Travel and Tour License. In all other countries where we operate tours, we work with a partner agency that holds a fully accredited International Tour Operator License. From our travel industry licensing to secure payment system, you’re fully protected.

From before you book with us to the time you depart from your tour, we want your experience with Backpacking Tours to be uncomplicated, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Our dedicated team of travel lovers provides more than 20 years of backpacking experience in SE Asia, which allows us to provide the perfect backpacking experiences to you.

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